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The Road Before Us

As close to time travel as we’re ever going to get.

Of the many ventures I’ve embarked upon, I think I’m most excited about this one. To me, the idea of pointing my headlights down endless stretches of country road is one of the best ways to start a weekend. It’s my search for gatherings of like-minded people who magically create portals to another time. A car show in an old town, especially one that has a town square, is as close to time travel as we’re ever going to get.

Before I started my career in advertising, before I worked my way through college, even before I bought my first car, I had a thing for automobiles. As a young kid in the 1960’s I loved looking at and watching cars. My parents bought me all kinds of model cars that I spent hours building and detailing. I read car magazines voraciously. I drove my Dad nuts with endless questions about his car, other cars and all things car-related. In high school, one of my favorite bands was a group called “The Cars” (yes, that really dates me and no, “The Cars” never sang about actual cars … and I’m not sure why … ).

So this is why creating the Car Show Radar has been so exciting to me. The Radar is my effort to help bring car people together and to help raise awareness for shows off the beaten path. I want to encourage people to get out and explore the countryside. Go to a small town and check it out. Talk to the people showing their cars and hear their fun and entertaining stories.

And see some amazing cars.

I’ve been to many of the large auto shows across the U.S., and to be sure, I’ve seen some incredible builds. But I’ve also been surprised and amazed at what gets shown in small-town Americana. And if you’re into photography, a small-town setting with antique cars and hot rods everywhere is a treasure-trove of opportunity.

I encourage you to use the Radar to find shows in towns that you have never heard of, or better yet, shows in the towns that have been on your personal radar for some time. In many of the small town car shows the “show car entry fee” normally goes to a charity or fundraising effort. Attendance is usually free to the public, but if you can, please donate to their cause.  It’s all about community, and the best community I’ve ever known is the car people community.

Thanks for checking out the Car Show Radar and please tell your friends. As we say, Get the Radar and Get Going. I promise you’ll be glad you did.